Summer Travel

We have a few trips coming up in the next month and I’m really excited for them! It seems like we have several trips in a short time, but this is exactly why we’re careful to save money the rest of the year. I’d hate to get invited to a wedding of a close friend and not be able to go.


Las Vegas – Winston is heading to Las Vegas with his best friend next week. They make an annual trek to their favorite city. When he gets back, he’ll be writing a few in depth posts about how he plans his Vegas trips and what he does to save money there.

Raleigh, NC – Birthdays are the best! Mine is coming up in just a few weeks, and instead of having my normal party or dinner, Winston and I are planning a short trip to Raleigh, NC. We’ve been once before and absolutely LOVED the city. For starters, the BBQ in Raleigh is amazing and I can’t get it out of my head. That’s why we decided to go to Raleigh – entirely so I can have good BBQ on my birthday! On the first trip, we planned several days in the city and even went to a Hurricanes game. This time, we’re doing it much shorter since we’ll be heading to Chicago a few weeks later.

Chicago, IL – In the middle of July, we’ll be heading back to the Midwest for a wedding that I’m really looking forward to. Dancing, drinking, food…weddings are the best! Chicago is where we’ll spend the bulk of our time, but we’re also making stops in Indiana and Wisconsin. Nothing beats a good Midwestern Road Trip!

Are you doing any travel this summer?

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