We’re Getting Married!

I can hardly contain my excitement, guys: We’re getting married!

No, this won’t turn into a wedding blog, but I’m touching on it here for two reasons. The first is that it’s an exciting and happy time in our lives (the life part of our blog). The second is that we’re getting married in Las Vegas (the travel part) on a budget (the money part)! See, it works for all aspects of The Frugal Hustle!

Because I know some people do care about this stuff, I’ll hit quickly on a few points for you.

  • We’re getting married in Las Vegas this Fall after only a few months of engagement.
  • We’re only inviting 30 people to come with us, so we’re being quiet about it on social media. We don’t want hurt feelings and we feel like there will be less if people aren’t anticipating an invitation.
  • Our budget is hovering between $7,000 and $8000. Still a lot of money, but significantly less that the national average.
  • That amount includes a full week in Vegas, flights, hotels, clothes, rings, and the actual wedding/reception. After all is said and done, we’ll clue you in on how we did it and the final numbers.

Thanks for going on this journey with us! Do you have any tips for planning a Las Vegas wedding?

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