Benefits Of A Las Vegas Wedding

As you may remember, we’re getting married in Las Vegas (in only a few weeks!). Now that we’re almost entirely done with our planning, I’m really enjoying the benefits that come with a very small destination wedding! In fact, after watching several friends have traditional weddings and the stress that comes with them, I have nothing but love for our upcoming event. Here’s just a few reasons I think Las Vegas is the perfect place to get married.

  • Even with flights, hotels, the ceremony, dinner, and a suite for the reception, our wedding is costing a quarter of the average wedding in the United States. I can’t tell you how happy I am to not spend $20,000-$30,000 on just one day!
  • Not only are we not spending a fortune on the actual wedding day, but we’ll be staying in Las Vegas for several days before and a day after the wedding as a part of our budget. This gives us a fun trip in addition to the festivities.
  • Las Vegas is the center of customer service, so I haven’t had any problems booking and finalizing the details. Everybody is accommodating and ready to help in any way they can.
  • This certainly won’t be a benefit for everyone, but I relish the fact that I can only take 1 suitcase and therefore don’t have to spend too much time buying decorations or worrying about DIY projects. I picked places that look nice already and I’m glad I don’t have to stress or shop a lot.
  • Because we live in Washington DC, it is slightly cheaper for our friends and family to fly and stay in Las Vegas than it would have been for them to come here. If you also live in an expensive city, consider a destination wedding!
  • There are plenty of activities for our guests that don’t require us to entertain them 24/7. Even if you don’t gamble, there’s many other activities and some of them are even free!
  • The weather is almost always nice. I’m not worried about the weather even though we’re getting married in the Fall! It’ll likely be sunny and 85.
  • There are restaurants that will satisfy even picky eaters. Not only am I not worried our guests will find food during their vacations, but our venue can easily accommodate food allergies as well.

As might be expected, I’m very excited about our wedding!

2 thoughts on “Benefits Of A Las Vegas Wedding

  1. My finance and I have been talking the possibility of eloping to Las Vegas. She has been so stressed with some of the planning that I just want to get it over with. I didn’t realize that a Las Vegas wedding is not only cheaper for us, but it’s cheaper for our guests as well. That’s something we’ll keep in mind.

    1. We live in DC and hotel prices here run significantly higher than they do in Vegas, which helped us make the decision! Planning a wedding is stressful, but also fun – congrats!

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