Wedding Welcome Bags And How We Didn’t Spend A Fortune

We planned our Las Vegas wedding very quickly (our engagement was only 2 months), and a hot topic of conversation was whether we would have Welcome Bags or not. Initially, I was against the idea because I didn’t want to spend a ton of money just to have someone throw it in the trash. Then, just before we got engaged, we went to a wedding in Chicago that had awesome welcome bags. They were not special because they had a specific theme or were gorgeous and expensive like ones I saw on the internet. They were awesome because they had food in them that we actually wanted to eat! After that, we easily decided that we would have Welcome Bags, but that they wouldn’t have a Las Vegas theme or a Wedding theme. They would simply be ‘Drunk Food’ themed. Nothing better than a bag full of snacks when you’re in Las Vegas for 3-4 days!

Even though we had decided we would have Welcome Bags, didn’t mean that we all of a sudden had a crazy budget for them. Luckily, two things came into play here: 1) We only needed 10 bags because we were having less than 20 people at our wedding (mostly couples), and 2) I had been saving Amazon Gift Cards for months by using Swagbucks (affiliate link). These two things allowed us to make the bags really nice without busting our $250 Welcome Bag budget. When all was said and done, we actually came in way under that! Here’s the breakdown:

Bought On Amazon With Gift Cards

  • 12 Medium White Gift Bags – List Price: $6.86 – FREE
  • Nabisco Cookie Variety Pack 24 Count – List Price: $17.99 – FREE
  • Sickness and In Health Wedding Favor Bag – List Price: $11.99 – FREE (a smaller bag that we filled with non-food items and put inside the bigger gift bags)
  • Advil Tablets 50 Two-Packs – List Price: $10.99 – FREE
  • Planters Nuts 48 Pack – List Price: $15.08 – FREE
  • Band-Aid Travel Packs 12 – List Price: $11.55 – FREE

Bought At Costco

  • Box of 36 Full Size Candy Bars – List Price: $18 – $18

Bought At Giant

  • Box of Individual Pringles – List Price: $7 – $7

Bought At Work

  • Travel size Poo Pourri Bottles – $5.95 each – FREE
  • Purple Tissue Paper – $10 – FREE
  • If you haven’t tried Poo Pourri and you’re a little shy in the bathroom, you absolutely should pick up a bottle! You use it before you go and it really helps with the smells!

Bought On

  • Thank You ThankYouVeryMuch Cards – List Price: $18 – $22 After Shipping
  • Hair Ties – List Price: $1.20 Each – $16 After Shipping (We had ours customized to say “To Have And To Hold Your Hair Back S & W Las Vegas 2016”
  • These links are not affiliate links. I just loved working with the vendors and want to support small businesses!

Bought At CVS In Las Vegas Once We Arrived

  • Water Bottles for Each Person – List Price: $2.99 for 6 – $9

As you can see, our Out-Of-Pocket Costs were only $72 (not even half of our original budget)! But I was extremely happy that in each bag, they were able to have 2 different types of cookies, 2 full-size candy bars, 3 packs of peanuts, 1 Can Of Pringles, and 2 water bottles. Also included in the “In Sickness And Health” bags were 2 packages of Advil, Bandaids, Poo Pourri, and a hair tie.  Plus, we were able to write custom thank you notes for each person! We got a lot of compliments on our bags and we’re really happy with the $72 we spent on them! We also included our itinerary and a list of free things to do in Las Vegas that I designed and printed at home.


Can You Duplicate This For Your Wedding Bags?

I firmly believe that each person is in a different situation. Can you make this exact bag for this exact amount of money? I’m not sure, but you could get very close! Instead of exactly duplicating us, try to think of things in your situation that would help you pull it off!

  • Use Swagbucks or save gift cards in another way! Especially if you have a little time before your wedding to plan, having the Amazon cards was really helpful for us. You could potentially get everything there if you aren’t picky!
  • Have a smaller wedding or only give bags to out of town guests.
  • Think of things that can benefit you. Luckily, I work at a place that wraps gifts and my boss gave me the tissue paper for free. Do you scrapbook and can make tags or cards with stuff you already have? Does your work get a lot of promotional size bottles of lotions or shampoos? Use those! The sky is limitless here.
  • Don’t settle on a theme until you’ve done your research. We didn’t try to use only Las Vegas items or insist on certain things until we saw what was available. Not limiting yourself will make the process a lot less stressful.
  • Have fun with it! Making the Welcome Bags was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning! Have you ever stood in the candy aisle at Costco and been able to pick out any candy you wanted? It’s so fun! I’ve never needed 36 full-size candy bars before, so this was a great day for me 🙂

I hope this gave you some great tips on how to make your Welcome Bags fun and affordable!

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