Happy New Year! 2017 Goals & Updates

Happy New Year!

Man, was the end of 2016 a little crazy for you too? I had some less-than-exciting health issues going on and it really affected my December (more about that in my next post which I’m titling: An Ode To Health Insurance). Now that it’s January though, I’m excited to have an awesome 2017!

First, in the name of optimism, here’s a few of my favorite things that happened in 2016:

  • The biggest and most exciting was that we got married in Las Vegas!
  • We started to plan our honeymoon/next International trip to Rome!
  • I celebrated a 5 year Anniversary at our current location at work (which also happens to be my favorite small business).
  • We spent 9 days in London and Edinburgh.
  • We spent time in my favorite US city: Raleigh.8-small

Now, here’s my goals/resolutions/to-dos for 2017.


  • Pay off my student loans and car. We’ve been aggressively attacking these since we got married, but I want them done once and for all! Our timeline is looking like this might happen in July (which also happens to be my 30th birthday). In order to do this, we’re paying the car off first since it has the highest interest. The student loan will come next.
  • Open a Roth IRA. Winston already has a Roth and a formal IRA at work. Unfortunately, with my student loans and small business job, I don’t have either of those. I will starting in August though! We won’t max it out this year since we’re starting so late, but the goal will be to max it out every year starting in 2018.
  • Invest. Winston was very good at investing when we first moved in together. He was used to paying rent by himself, so he just used the money I gave him for rent to invest instead of saving it! Once we started planning our wedding and started paying extra on my loans, this went away. I want to get back in the habit after my loans are gone!
  • Create a ‘Domestic Travel Fund’ savings account. We already have money earmarked for International Travel, but I’d like to make it a priority to start saving for our more local trips as well. Both of our parents live hundreds of miles away and several of our friends do, too. We already have a wedding in Colorado planned for May, so we need to get this started right away!


  • Lose 5 lbs in January. This one may seem a little weird, but I need a jump-start to get back into the gym and back eating a little healthier. This is just the right goal that will get me back into my habits. My concern, truthfully, isn’t weight at all. It’s my health.
  • Drink 2 big cups of water while I’m at work. I have one of those huge over-sized tumblers and I’m pretty good at making myself drink 1 of them, but I need to increase it to 2. Avoiding dehydration is very important to my health goals.
  • Read 14 books. This seems so little to this former English Major, but the truth is that I just didn’t make it a priority last year. It’s entirely possible I’ll read more than this once I get in the habit, but I like to make attainable goals.
  • Improve and work on this blog. I love writing as much as I love reading, but I just need to make it a habit!

That’s my list as of now! Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2017? Maybe the answer is to hold each other accountable!


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