An Ode To Health Insurance

During the last few weeks, this is what my medical care is looking like:

  • The Eye Doctor
  • The Emergency Room
    • Given a shot
  • My Primary Care Doctor
    • Had 2 different tests done
    • Given a prescription
    • Flu Shot
  • Back to My Primary Care Doctor
    • Given a second prescription to take in conjunction with the first one
  • Back to the hospital for another test
  • And in two more weeks, back to my Primary Care Doctor
  • Back to the Eye Doctor

Needless to say, the last month wasn’t my best in terms of health. Without getting into too many personal details, my problem has been related to my blood pressure. We’re doing test after test and medicine after medicine, but we’re confident we’ll get it figured out!

Luckily, I just married into the best health insurance of my life! After all of this, I will need to pay $100 for the ER visit and $35 for the second Eye Doctor copay (the first one was waived personally by my eye doctor because I wound up in the ER). That’s all!

We do pay a lot out of pocket for our health insurance and I know from first-hand experience (for me in the past and for my very blue-collar parents) how taxing it can be on a monthly budget, but I firmly believe that health insurance is a necessity for all people. I would have had to pay $1000 or more for all of that if I didn’t have insurance and that would have been even worse on our budget! Actually, because this year I need glasses and contacts at the eye doctor, that alone would have been over $500.

So today, in this new year, I am extremely thankful that I am doing better, but I am also very thankful for my health insurance.

I hope your 2017 is healthier than mine!

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