Do You Stock Up At Sales?

Photo from Illume.

Winston and I have a standing date every Sunday! First, we eat at Cava, our favorite fast Mediterranean restaurant, and then we walk around the mall. It gives us a little exercise in the winter, plus it’s excellent people watching! Right after Christmas, we found ourselves going into the stores and picking up a few items. Normally, we just walk through without buying anything.

The thing is: everything was on sale! I work in retail marketing, so I really only buy things I want or need. I know the tricks of the trade and it’s often not worth it to me to spend money. On the other hand, after-Christmas sales seem to be the time when things are deeply enough discounted that I’m willing to bite.

Wondering what we bought?

2 Illume Pumpkin Peppercorn Candles – This is hands down my FAVORITE candle in the world! I know it’s pumpkin, but I burn it year-round. The bummer part is that they’re pretty expensive candles. We used to sell them at work so I could use my discount, but we didn’t get any this year, so I’ve been waiting patiently for them to go on sale. I bought 2 candles for $7 each. Before the sale, they were $24 each.

Cook’s Illustrated Cook’s Science Cookbook – Winston is a scientist and he loves to cook. This cookbook is something he’s been eyeing for a while, and finally found it at a store for a cheap price! Price: $20 instead of $40.

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask – In the interest of full disclosure, this item wasn’t discounted at all, but I do really love it! Lush face masks are made from natural ingredients and need to be refrigerated. Since I’m on a few new prescriptions, my face has been breaking out and I wanted a face mask to try to bring it back to normal. This one is made from blueberries and calamine lotion and feels really good on your face. Price: $8.95.

Our total spent at the mall that day was still under $50, but none of the items exactly constituted a ‘need’. We budget ‘fun money’ for each of us into the budget every month, so these little purchases are okay as long as we don’t exceed our limit. When you’re out shopping, do you stock up at great sales? Or do you continue on your frugal way?

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