Trip Preparation & Unexpected Costs

We leave for Italy in just a few weeks! We’re really excited to finally go on our honeymoon and have 12 days off work! Since the trip is getting so close though, we’re actively trying to put together the last travel plans as well as make sure we have everything we need. We’ve budgeted some of this into our travel budget (museum tickets, train tickets), but other things we didn’t think of and will have to come out of our fun money.

Wardrobe Wants

  • Luckily, it’s going to be much warmer in Italy when we go than we originally thought! However, this means instead of being able to wear my winter boots like I thought I would, I’ll now have to buy my spring shoes before I go instead of after. Spring shoes, you ask? They’re what I wear when it’s too warm for boots, but still too cold for flip flops. Unfortunately, mine died last year and I haven’t replaced them yet. Since I can’t walk several miles a day in inappropriate footwear without hurting myself, this is a necessity. Winston picked up some new walking shoes last weekend, but we used a gift card from our wedding to pay for them!
  • Another thing I’ve been really wanting is a light jacket. We originally thought we’d need to wear our winter coats, but now a jacket might be required instead. I have jackets already, but I’m not in love with them. The newest one is 6 years old and they look shabby. However, since I have something that will work, I’ll only pick this up if it is a good deal and I love it. I have the room in my fun money, so I won’t be beating myself up for buying it.
  • Also in this category, Winston is in need of some new jeans. He rarely has to buy them because he wears business attire to work, but occasionally, he does need a new pair.

Other Wants

  • Winston’s Kindle was extremely old and not holding a battery anymore. Since we’ll have 10 travel hours in each direction and regular books (which we both prefer, by the way) are too heavy to carry, we use kindles on long trips. He already took care of this by sending in his old kindle. When you do this, they give you money for the kindle, plus a coupon. Luckily, the kindle he wanted was also on sale! After all of the discounts, we only had to pay $10.

Luckily, that’s all that’s on our list! There’s many things we had to think about already due to our wedding and our trip last year to London. Just in case you’re planning an international trip though, here’s a few things to consider:

  • Suitcases. We were both given new sets of suitcases for Christmas this year. This is a good option if you’re planning an international trip in the future! Use holidays and birthdays to ask for things you’ll need.
  • Water Bottle. Maybe this is just us, but we love to go to historical places and wind up walking A LOT. A good – but lightweight – water bottle is essential. We bought ours last year before we went to London. We’re both excited that they have clean and free water fountains all over Rome, so we won’t be spending money on filling the bottle.
  • Sentimental Things. I wasn’t sure what to call this because it’s mostly a non-essential category. We’re going on our honeymoon and I was excited to have a ‘Bride’ shirt to wear. I was given one at my bridal shower, so I don’t need to buy it, but keep this in mind if it is a honeymoon, family reunion, or any other special event that you’re traveling to.
  • TSA Approved Locks if you decide to lock your suitcase.
  • Travel Documents. It’s best to plan ahead in your budget if you need a new passport.

That’s all I have today as we’re off to look at new shoes for me, but I hope you all have a nice weekend!


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