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Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Thanks for stopping by The Average Hustle! We’ve started this blog as a way to write about a few of the things that really interest us both as a couple and as individuals. Primarily, we plan on documenting our travels around the world as well as the planning, saving, and preparations we make from home. Additionally, we both have an interest in personal finance. As a couple who lives together, but isn’t married in Washington DC (the 5th most expensive city in the US), we hope we’ll bring a different twist to finance topics. Here’s a little bit more about us as individuals:

Stacy: I grew up in the Midwest, but have been living in the DC area for the last 7 years. I’m lucky that I have a job I really love at a small retail business. Even though my primary job now involves marketing, I went to school for Journalism, so I’m excited to be writing again! As for my travels, I’ve been to England (twice), Scotland, Canada, Grand Cayman, and St. John in the Virgin Islands. My favorite spot in America is actually Washington DC – That’s why I moved here!

Winston: I also grew up in the Midwest, but in a completely different area than Stacy and moved to DC 3 years ago. My international travels have taken me to England, Scotland, Norway, Canada, and Sweden. Without a doubt, my favorite spot in America is Las Vegas. I’ve been going at least once a year for the last 8 years, so you can expect some posts about Las Vegas fairly regularly.

We hope you stick around and follow us through this average hustle of a life!